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 Soldiers being killed by a mysterious pair.

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PostSubject: Soldiers being killed by a mysterious pair.   Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:52 am

In the past two days, there have been many killing all thought to be by two people. They are both masked, disguised as SAS and they clearly have experience in this field, as they faced off against many troops and won. The first two deaths were caused by one man in the pair, as they captured a Russian and fellow troops went to help them tie up the Russian man. The first masked man then shot both of them in the head, whilst he waited behind them. The masked man hid the bodies away, throwing them to the side whilst the sound of a helicopter landed outside their whereabouts. The Canadian General appeared with the masked men saluting to him. The General walked to the Russian to kill him and did, but still receiving a bullet to the head, with the first masked man deliberately missing the shot. (Argent. just started using the character, so we let him stay alive) He was greatly injured by this, being knocked out and the second mask man took out a napkin and threw it to the General and said "Clean yourself up". After that, there has been non-stop killings such as decapitation, being shot in the head, cracked necks, explosions. The most famous attacks were to the Chinese General who was knocked out and hung on a handle, looking as if he was dead and was stripped of all his weapons. And the other one was the Canadian General. These two masked men are to be feared, as they have a wide arsenal of weaponry and are very skilled on covert ops, assassination and being undercover.
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Soldiers being killed by a mysterious pair.
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