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 [ Vincent S. Grafata ] - SAS Operative -

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PostSubject: [ Vincent S. Grafata ] - SAS Operative -   Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:37 pm

- SAS Database -

Name: Vincent S. Grafata
Birthdate: November 7th 1988
Age: 24

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Tattoos / Piercings
- SAS Emblem on Back
- "Who Dares Wins" On Right Bicep.

Blood Type - AB+
Build: Athletic - Muscular.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs

Drug Test History:
All Tests Passed.

- Heterosexual
- Normal Brain Patterns

[ - - History - - ]
- Born in London, on November 7th, Vincent was taken into consideration
for the SAS for his father was in the SAS himself. As Vincent aged he was
taught how to kill, the basics of military training, he learned how to Snipe at the age
of 16. Vincent joined the military regiment at the age of 19. Vincent was at the top
of all of his classes and at the age of 22 he was put into training for SAS. Vincent was always
top of his class, his father died soon after his training for SAS in a bombing on his house by an unknown
man, his guesses were off - He found out later in one of his first missions that a Russian man that Vincents father put behind bars was the one who bombed his house. Seeking Revenge at the age of 24 Vincent Deffected from the SAS and British Military. Vincent is now inside the Russian military, as a Private seeking revenge to take out the head of Russia.

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[ Vincent S. Grafata ] - SAS Operative -
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