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 About the US general

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PostSubject: About the US general   Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:27 am

Habbo Name: Pauljackson
Who you are reporting: The general of United states of america

Sorry when i was about to do a screen shot i got kicked even aneillo my soldier on my SQUAD he told me to get my rank to Pvt and get on my uniform. so i told him that i made a squad and i got accepted and lax told me to be sergent so i was sure about that. But he didnt believe me. to the general: if ur reading this look at the links and ill prove it to you.

You can see i've been accepted but i comment on what rank i should be but no reply so i went online and asked lax so he said SERGENT. but still i got kicked and being abused saying that im 9 -.- and gave my men a strike well he should get one. anyways i just want lax to tell that dude that im in a squad of my own and im sergent thats all.
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About the US general
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